Our Ursus - May 2, 2000 - April 9, 2014

Ursus Vom Drachenberg UDT


Most people would find it hard to pick a name for a dog from the “U” litter. For us, it was easy. Being a fan of bears all my life, the name “Ursus,” which means “bear” in Latin, was the perfect name for our new puppy. We knew that we had a really special dog in Ursus with an incredible pedigree since he was the grandson of the 1997 Sieger, Lasso.

It seemed like he always felt that he never met a stranger that wasn‘t a friend of his. In complete confidence he would approach everyone with the expectation that he was their friend too. Even in the obedience ring, he would go up the judge and greet him or her as if to say, “My name is Ursus, what’s your name?” He had the kind of personality that would just make everyone he came in contact with, smile.

Whether in training or any other opportunity, he would work the crowd hoping to elicit treats from anyone he could. And he usually succeeded. He was a big dog but with a puppy heart. In his last few years he had regular visits to the chiropractor vet. The first thing he would do after greeting her was to go to her treat jar and stand guard until he was rewarded for his efforts.

He loved tracking and had a great nose for it. He achieved his TD on his first attempt, step-tracking the entire track. He was incredible to watch as he used his God-given talent so well. We tried to get a TDX but didn’t have any luck getting into either specialty or non-specialty tests.  

After much persistence, he earned his UD title in 2010. He was not real enthusiastic about obedience work. Still, he persevered and finally earned that coveted UDT title in Indianapolis a few months short of his 10th birthday. He did it all for our benefit, and a few handfuls of treats. He achieved everything that we asked him to do and now his picture hangs from the wall in our club‘s Hall of Fame.  

We are grateful that we had Ursus with us for so long, just a few weeks short of 14 years. It’s hard to remember what life was like before we brought Ursus home as a 2-month-old puppy in July, 2000. The years go by quickly but the memories, even from his puppy days, remain strong in our thoughts.  

                                URSUS VOM DRACHENBERG, UDT
                                    May 2, 2000--April 9, 2014
Sue & Pete Czuchra