Lincolnwood Training Club, Inc. For German Shepherd Dogs: A History

Welcome to Lincolnwood Training Club, one of the nation’s first obedience clubs for just for German Shepherd Dogs. With half a century’s experience, our club can pass on to you training methods that have given many of us high success rates in the obedience and agility competition rings and on tracking fields. We do not use harsh or cruel training methods. We are a dedicated group of dog enthusiasts who enjoy well-trained dogs and wish to pass that enjoyment on to you. Our events—including yearly obedience and tracking trials and temperament and Canine Good Citizen testing—make us an interesting and fulfilling club for those who know and enjoy this unequalled bond between a handler and his or her dog. 

Lincolnwood Training Club was founded in 1939 by John Burger and George Schneider from a group of German Shepherd Dog owners who had been meeting informally for years to train their dogs. Those gentlemen, experts in handling and training our canine friends, were willing to share their knowledge with others also interested in the German Shepherd breed. 

The club’s founders were anxious to help provide the foundations needed so that every German Shepherd Dog could become a good and obedient companion as well as a natural guard and protector.

 It was through their efforts that this club was formed. In 1939, the club held a 60th anniversary gala event and celebrated the club’s founding members—and all who have stepped forward to continue the tradition of “every German Shepherd a trained German Shepherd.”

The club’s original location was at 6800 Crawford Avenue in Lincolnwood, IL, where it existed for 19 years until its present location on 2 ˝ acres at Central and Dearlove Roads in Glenview, IL, were purchased. This location has provided the dogs and their trainers with a secure facility equipped for training dogs, plus a clubhouse used as a meeting place for its members.

We are a member of the German Shepherd Club of America, which, in turn, is a member club of the American Kennel Club.

We, the proud owners and members of Lincolnwood, have the duty to further the aims of the founders of this club, and to promote the welfare of the German Shepherd breed.

Happy heeling and healthy German Shepherd Dogs.


If you have an AKC registered German Shepherd Dog and a keen interest in training your dog and expanding your knowledge of the breed, consider applying for membership in our club.  As a member, you and your dog train with qualified instructors, supervised by the Director Of Training.  We train at our facility twice a week: Sunday Mornings and Wednesday evenings.

For more information call: (847) 299-7273